what is the offered price



There will be several contractors working in the house over the next 2-3 weeks including HomeMasons and 360 Painting Richmond who need uninterrupted access to the home in order to complete their work on time.  Please contact us regarding your interest and we can schedule a tour for you as soon as the work is finished rather than waiting until the public viewing on August 1.

are the homeowners realtors

The homeowners are both licensed real estate agents in the Commonwealth of Virginia but are not active Realtors at this time.

how do we get in touch to schedule a tour or make an offer

It's easy.  Send an email to 205sweetbriar@gmail.com.  You can also call or send a text to Matt at 804-955-0320.

what is the building in the backyard

The appurtenance conveys AS IS with the house.  That's a lot of square feet of bonus flex space the current homeowners inherited from the original owner.  It's the perfect spot to house your passions or escape for a quiet work place.  The first floor is an unfinished workshop with bare walls and poured concrete flooring best suited for carpentry, storage, tools, sports equipment and lots and lots of gear. The upstairs is a more finished space and features hardwood floors, moulding, and two faux fireplace mantles.  Baseboard heating and a window air conditioning unit upstairs make this space suitable year round.  The building is wired for electricity but not plumbing and has not been inspected or brought up to code.